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- Numbers

Whole Numbers, Place Value
Even and Odd Numbers
Types of Numbers
Irrational Numbers
Prime Numbers

- Arithmetic 1

Addition Sums
Subtraction Sums
Multiplication Sums
Dividing Numbers Intro
Short Division
Long Division
Integers, Adding/Subtracting
Integers, Dividing/Multiplying

- Arithmetic 2

Multiples of Numbers
Factors of Numbers
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Speed Distance Time
Order of Operations

- Fractions

Fractions Intro
Simplifying Fractions
Adding/Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Adding/Subtracting Mixed Fractions
Fractions to Decimals

- Decimal Numbers

Decimal Place Value
Rounding Decimals
Adding/Subtracting Decimals
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Decimals to Fractions

- Powers and Roots

Powers Intro
Laws of Indices
Fractional Powers
Roots of a Number

- Basic Algebra

Sets and Set Notation
Associative Property
Commutative Property
Removing Brackets

- Functions

Functions Introduction
Domain of a Function
Piecewise Functions
Absolute Value Function
Absolute Value Function Graph
Composite Functions

- Inverse Functions

Inverse Functions Introduction
Graphing Inverse Functions
Horizontal Line Test

- Polynomials Math

Polynomial Definition
Polynomials, Adding-Subtracting-Multiplying
Polynomial Fractions
Polynomial Long Division
Synthetic Division
Polynomial Factoring

- Linear Equations

Basic Linear Equations
Further Linear Equations
Simultaneous Linear Equations

- Quadratic Equations

Factoring Quadratics
Solving Quadratics
Quadratic Formula
The Discriminant
Complete the Square
Quadratic Inequalities

- Angles

Degree Measure
Radian Measure
Angle Types
Angles in a Triangle and other shapes
Coterminal Angles, Initial/Terminal side
Vertically Opposite Angles, Complementary/Supplementary
Interior and Exterior Angles

- Cartesian Coordinates

- The Straight Line

Distance Formula, Midpoint
Equation of a Straight Line
Equation of a Straight Line, Point Slope Form
Perpendicular Bisector, Altitude, Median

The Circle

Number Pi
Area of a Circle
Derive Area of a Circle
Circle Circumference, Radius, Diameter
Equation of a Circle

Basic Trigonometry

- Types of Triangle
- Area of a Triangle 1
- Area of a Triangle 2
- Area of Equilateral Triangle
- Pythagoras Theorem
- SohCahToa
- Sine Rule

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